The aim of the school is to provide a broad and balanced range of effective quality learning opportunities in an ideal learning environment for EXCELLENCE AND RAISING PROFICIENT LEADERS FOR THE WORLD!

POLICY Statement:

It is the policy of LEAD-FORTE GATE COLLEGE to admit all students without regard to race, colour or national origin. All candidates are afforded equal opportunity to qualify according to the set criteria for admission to the school.

It is obligatory for all candidates to have completed the English National Curriculum or an equivalent Year 6 syllabus to gain entry into the secondary school irrespective of the year they wish to enter. Pupils found to have contravened this requirement will be requested to withdraw from the school.


As edu­ca­tion­al­ists, we believe effec­tive teach­ing brings qual­ity to aca­d­e­mic out­put, and is account­able for the qual­ity of edu­ca­tional pro­grammes and stu­dent sup­port services.


Step 1:

  • Admis­sion form should be pur­chased for a non refund­able fee
  • Admis­sion form is obtain­able from Lead-Forte Gate Col­lege Admin­is­tra­tive office.
  • Appli­cants into year 7 must be 10 years old.



LFG has designated examination centres across various geopolitical zones in Nigeria.


Our FAQ section is put in place to address most the generic questions that a typical parent will like to ask about Lead Forte-Gate College. Please explore by following the link below: