Home Away from Home

At LFG, our students are precious and so we go the extra mile to provide a warm, congenial environment where each of them can thrive, happy and secure, amid the nurturing support provided by a caring dedicated team led by the vice principal pastoral. The students enjoy the comfort and security of our welcoming buildings with modern conveniences that give the school that pleasant feel of home

Boarders, who form a greater percentage of our student population, are housed in three buildings where they live and develop sound social skills we strive to foster.

We have boys and girls hostel


At Lead Forte-Gate College, we’re student-centric – that means our focus is always on our students. We want to make school life experience the very best it can be for our students.


Boosting participation in sport and games can generate a variety of socio-economic benefits. LFG understands that Sport can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society.


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