The boarding school experience is an ideal way for students to optimize both academic learning and social development. Under the close supervision and guidance of the Vice Principal Pastoral, the School Matron and House Parents, students are encouraged to challenge themselves intellectually while developing their social skills, athletic and extra-curricular interests, personal maturity and ethics.

LFG is a full-boarding school, with a limited weekly-boarding option for Parents who live in close proximity to the school premises. This is ideal for busy Parents with concerns about the welfare and supervision of their children.

In a warm and friendly environment, we promote Godliness, Discipline, Accountability, Responsibility and Mutual respect. We also teach our students how to be independent, and prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Our excellent facilities; including common rooms with Cable TV, games room, sport equipment, air-conditioned rooms, Laundry room, study rooms, etc. have all been designed to be homely and comfortable for our students.

The food at LFG is greatly loved by our students, we also have “Night-Cap” refreshments, Tuck-Shops at weekends, and a host of many other exciting treats which are reviewed on a regular basis with the input of the student representatives.

Parents are assured of the maximum wellbeing of their children, and those who wish to speak to their wards are given the opportunity to do so at designated times. We also have Visiting and Open days, where the Parents can come along with friends and family.


At Lead Forte-Gate College, we’re student-centric – that means our focus is always on our students. We want to make school life experience the very best it can be for our students.


Boosting participation in sport and games can generate a variety of socio-economic benefits. LFG understands that Sport can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society.


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