Admission Process


Admission Form is N10,000 

An Application Form is collected from the Admissions office. Students for Year 7 class must be 10 by December 31st of the year of admission.
The Application Form is submitted with the following documents attached:

  • 2 recent passport photograph
  • 1 copy of birth certificate or the page in the candidate’s International passport data page on which the birth date is recorded
  • Photocopies of past academic record of the candidate reflecting three years performance prior to the year of admission
  • Transcript & Letter of Recommendation. (For transfer students Only)

Arrange an individual visit to the school.

Year 7 and Mid-stream entry will sit for an entrance exam on a given date (published and duly communicated). Candidates are tested in Mathematics, English Language, Science and General Knowledge at the entrance examination. An Oral interview will be conducted after the written test; one or both parents are invited to be part of the written interview.

Exam marks are not given / communicated to candidates.

Successful candidates will receive offer letters. Only CANDIDATES who pass the entrance examination will be offered provisional admission. CANDIDATES who pass the entrance examination will be offered provisional admission.

Methods of communicating the outcome of the admission’s application:

  • Face to face communication
  • Text messages
  • Electronic-mail
  • Issuance of admission letter

Payment of Fees / Admission

Fees can be paid once or in two instalments:

  • 1st Instalment: Payment of the Acceptance Fee and Development Levy must be made WITHIN TEN (10) working days after receiving the offer letter.
  • 2nd Instalment:

No child will be admitted into classes until all registration and post admission forms are received, medical reports are submitted, and acceptance fees and school fees are paid.

Medical forms must be completed by medical personnel of a clinic/hospital approved by the school / Government.

Enrollment for the new session commences in September and orientation day for new students will be duly communicated.
Overseas Candidates

For candidates residing abroad, arrangements can be made for entrance tests to be administered by candidate’s current school. The parents of the applicant need to inform their child’s school of this. If the school agrees to administer the exams, the exam questions will be emailed to the school and the school will return the completed scripts to Lead-Forte Gate College via courier ONLY. The parents of the applicant bear the cost of courier.
Application forms will only be received by parents whose child meets the entry age criteria. Once the process is completed and the Admissions Office is notified, we will email the entrance test papers to the applicant’s school.
The parents of the applicant are required to complete the on line application form and return to us by email with copies of their child’s last school report, birth certificate and passport photographs.
The Principal, at his/her discretion, may accept a Confidential reference from the applicant’s current Head teacher should an interview not be possible. If the candidate is successful and is offered admission, arrangements are made for the family to meet the Principal for an informal chat on resumption at the College.
Midstream Admissions Procedure

Registration forms may be obtained from the school’s admission office or online at If the student qualifies, his/her name is placed on a waiting list. A space is allocated whenever a vacancy becomes available. The student is then invited to sit an entrance exam in Mathematics, English & Science and if he/she meets the requirement which is 70% pass, an Interview is conducted.

Parents are advised to contact the school at regular intervals to monitor the availability of admission vacancies.

Midstream Admissions Requirements

Prior to admission, the parent/legal guardian of a transfer student must:

Provide a certified copy of the student’s academic transcript and disciplinary record from the school previously attended. A student may be admitted conditionally if the parent/legal guardian provides the name and address of the school last attended and authorises the release of all academic and disciplinary records to Lead-Forte Gate College.
Discloses whether the student is currently serving a suspension or expulsion from school.
Discloses whether the student has ever been adjudicated guilty of a felony.

Any student who is under suspension or expulsion in another school system will not be given any consideration for admission.

Candidates seeking admission at any other time during the year

We are happy to consider applications from candidates throughout the Year if spaces are available in the year group applied for.


As edu­ca­tion­al­ists, we believe effec­tive teach­ing brings qual­ity to aca­d­e­mic out­put, and is account­able for the qual­ity of edu­ca­tional pro­grammes and stu­dent sup­port services.

Step 1:

  • Admis­sion form is obtain­able (free of charge) from Lead-Forte Gate Col­lege Admin­is­tra­tive office.
  • Appli­cants into year 7 must be 10 years old.


As edu­ca­tion­al­ists, we believe effec­tive teach­ing brings qual­ity to aca­d­e­mic out­put, and is account­able for the qual­ity of edu­ca­tional pro­grammes and stu­dent sup­port services.

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