The Learning Resource Centre


BECE and WASSCE textbooks are supplied by the school to all students upon the full payment of school fees. CHECKPOINT and IGCSE text books are leased to students. They are usually issued to them at the beginning of each term and retrieved at the end of the session. In addition to textbooks, every student studying in the school has a laptop where other learning resources in digital form are stored. They are given access to the internet for educational purposes only and this is done under the supervision of their teachers. ASSESSMENTS AND EXTERNAL EXAMINATIONS At LFG College, emphasis is placed on Assessment for Learning (AfL) which is formative assessment. Students’ academic performance is continuously assessed through Class Work, Projects, Teachers’ Test, Continuous Assessment (CA) Test and End of Term Examinations. Continuous Assessment weighs 40%, while end of term examinations weigh 60%. In external examination classes: Years 9 and 12, students sit three Mock Examinations, which are preparatory examinations for BECE and CHECKPOINT for Year 9 students, and IGCSE and WASSCE for Year 12 students. This is to ensure that the students are properly drilled in preparation for their final examinations. The school also runs preparatory tutorial classes for Pre-SAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, SAT and TOEFL, IELTS and UTME examinations.

We pride ourselves on our excellent-in house catering, with a high quality of dining that is greatly loved by our students.

Lead-Forte Gate College has a fully equipped medical centre where students are promptly and properly attended to 24 hours of the day by qualified medical personnel.

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