The School Day


Lead-Forte Gate College is a student-centric school. We focus on our students always and strive to make the school life experience the very best it can be for them.

Our students begin each day with the consciousness that achieving their academic and personal goals involves more than what is learnt in the classroom. As a school, we know that helping them succeed also means offering experiences that will ever remain indelible in their hearts. Thus, our college community provides an environment for continuous learning activities that align with their academic, spiritual, social and career needs.

At Lead Forte-Gate College, we’re student-centric – that means our focus is always on our students. We want to make school life experience the very best it can be for our students.

We pride ourselves on our excellent-in house catering, with a high quality of dining that is greatly loved by our students.

Lead-Forte Gate College has a fully equipped medical centre where students are promptly and properly attended to 24 hours of the day by qualified medical personnel.

View our School Rules/Handbook by following the link below: